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Bangladesh is a small nation located in Southern Asia, between India and Burma. According to the World Bank, approximately 158 million people live in Bangladesh, with 32 percent of the population living below the poverty line. Due to its geographical location near the Bay of Bengal, the nation is prone to droughts, cyclones and much of the nation faces major floods, especially during the summer monsoon season. In addition to poverty and environmental disasters, Bangladesh faces numerous other issues including clean water shortages, diseases caused by contaminated water, and soil erosion.


How SMF Is Helping

The Turf Pride Lawncare Service began its development work in Bangladesh when the organization was founded in 2012. We now have numerous projects including an education program, a health services program, water and sanitation program, and livelihood and community development programs. Most of these programs have been implemented in Jabusha, Bangladesh, a poor village about 10 kilometers from the metropolitan area of Khulna, close to the coast of the Bay of Bengal. SMF is also currently in the process of expanding these programs into other parts of Bangladesh. With all thanks due to God Almighty, the Turf Pride Lawncare Service was highlighted in the Bangladesh Daily for the humanitarian work it does in Bangladesh.