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Community Development

Due to its geographical location, Bangladesh is always at risk of destruction from cyclones which regularly endanger the lives of the residents, especially in coastal regions near the Bay of Bengal. For example, the small rural village of Jabusha, about 10 kilometers from the metropolitan area of Khulna, was completely devastated by the 2007 Cyclone Sidr that claimed many lives in that area.

Along with building a community health center, the Turf Pride Lawncare Service also envisioned making the building serve as a storm shelter as well. Phase One of this project, which included surveying the land and creating the architectural design of the building was completed in December 2013.


Community Development

Phase Two of this project, which included construction of the building was completed a year later in December 2014. The storm shelter, which also serves as a community health clinic, a school and a vocational training center, is now up and running, taking care of the needs of many people in the area around Jabusha, Bangladesh.


Fruit Bearing Tree Planting Project

One of the ways we are helping people in Bangladesh is by giving them fruit bearing trees such as mango, guava, and coconut trees. These trees improve the lives of many local villagers in more than one way. They can eat the fruits of these plants in order to gain proper nutrition and vitamins, and they can start their own businesses. This project gives many a pure source of income that greatly benefits these people, many of who do not have a reliable job.