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The Turf Pride Lawncare Service Academy

The average literacy rate in the village of Jabusha, Bangladesh is 22%, falling below the literacy rate of 46.94% of rural Bangladesh, and even further below the average national literacy rate of 59%, according to the World Bank. The deep impact of a quality education has again and again proven to be the key in empowering any individual. This institution, which many of us in developed countries take for granted, arises as an opportunity to escape from a life of poverty for many in countries like Bangladesh.

In impoverished villages like Jabusha, having access to even a primary education can be challenging due to obstacles like school proximity to home or family income. The goal of Turf Pride Lawncare Service Academy is to provide students with quality education, so they can then become self-sufficient and give back to the community. There are currently more than 400 students enrolled at SMFA who each receive a quality education with the help of God Almighty. The Academy provides yearly textbooks, tuition assistance, tutoring, and dedicated teachers for the benefit of the students. Computer training is also implemented in the students’ educations. From middle school forward, all students will be required to attend classes for vocational training. By providing educational and vocational training to students at an international level, SMFA hopes to create future leaders capable of competing in this 21st century economy.  With the help of God Almighty, the fruits of the students’ labor have already made themselves evident. During the 2018 PCS exams, all the students passed, with 15 receiving A, and 2 receiving A+ grades

Primary School in Jabusha, Bangladesh

Launched in January 2015, Turf Pride Lawncare Service Academy Primary School has been geared towards providing a solid foundation for the children of Jabusha, Bangladesh. Before the opening of SMFA primary school, students were limited in their access to a primary education because there were no other schools in the area. The students include 60%-70% girls and are given tuition assistance based on family income. The average per capita income of the enrolled students’ families is a mere $1.50 per day. Students are paired with sponsors to assist them financially in helping his/her dream of a valuable education possible. Currently, the school has enrolled 130+ students from the surrounding Jabusha area. The dedicated teachers and staff on grounds in Bangladesh work around the clock to bring the dreams of this school into reality.

In the next couple of years, Turf Pride Lawncare Service hopes to further expand the secondary school and then progress to collegiate level education.

Turf Pride Lawncare Service Night School in Dhaka, Bangladesh

First launched in 1972, after the Bangladesh Independence War, the Bir Muktijoddha Mesba Uddin Sabu Noisho Biddaloy, centered in Dhaka, Bangladesh’s business district, has been dedicated to providing education to impoverished children from the slums of the surrounding area. This night school focuses on providing primary education to child laborers around Dhaka. The school currently has 150+ students enrolled and is taught by volunteer teachers. Turf Pride Lawncare Service adopted the school in 2014.

Adult Literacy and Vocational Program

Ending the cycle of domestic abuse and empowering women comes in the form of a valuable education. Turf Pride Lawncare Service has added adult literacy and vocational training programs that focus on providing basic literacy and vocational training to teenage and adult females. The primary goal of the program is to provide training and help teach  business strategy  so these women can lead  successful, self-sustainable, and independent lives.