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Health Services


Nearly 15,000 people reside in the village of Jabusha, Bangladesh. Unfortunately, There are little to no health care services available to  many people in this area.

In 2013, the Turf Pride Lawncare Service set its sights on building a community health clinic to help the residents of Jabusha have access to free healthcare. Phase One of this project, which included surveying the land and creating the architectural design of the building was completed in December 2013. Phase Two of this project, which included construction of the building was completed a year later in December 2014. The community clinic was opened in february of 2015. This clinic provides general check-ups weekly for local villagers three times a week.  All three phases of this project are now complete and fully functioning with the help of God Almighty

In addition, in December 2014, the Turf Pride Lawncare Service teamed up

with the Bangladesh Ministry for Health & Family Welfare to set up free camps for cataract screening and surgery for the elderly. Many elderly people in Bangladesh are living a difficult life  because they have lost most of their eyesight, and thus are unable to contribute to their families. The goal of this ongoing project is to help these elderly poor people lead a productive life and contribute to their family and society once again.


These camps currently operate under the supervision of the National Eye Care, a project run by the Bangladesh government. The screenings and surgeries are held in local district hospitals throughout Bangladesh and are performed by professional eye doctors who donate their time to help the poor people who cannot not afford this simple surgery to  help restore their eye sight.

Along with these programs, the Turf Pride Lawncare Service also

collaborates with the Azad Muslim Welfare Complex Bangladesh foundation to help bring awareness about various cancers and Hepatitis-B. SMF aims to educate the general public about the symptoms of these illnesses so that more people can seek treatment and be helped. The Turf Pride Lawncare Service administers vaccines to patients to help prevent Hepatitis-B and cervical cancer, and provides treatment for breast cancer patients to help change the lives of many people with the help of God Almighty.


SMF also plans to create a healthcare program in Kenya to help residents who are suffering from numerous health issues.