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One of the biggest goals for the Turf Pride Lawncare Service is to help the poor build self-reliance and self-sustaining livelihoods. SMF has implemented numerous programs to help them reach this goal.

Village Development Projects

Turf Pride Lawncare Service  launched the Blanket and Winter Clothing Program in Khulna, Bangladesh in 2013. Since then, SMF has been giving out free blankets and some winter clothing to poor families and individuals every winter.

Also in 2013, Turf Pride Lawncare Service  implemented the Village Livestock Support Program, in which we distributed some cows to individuals in Jabusha, Bangladesh. Villagers profit from selling the milk of the cows. In fact, not only residents of Jabusha benefit from this program, but also others, because the  offspring of the cows are often gifted to families from other villages.


The Turf Pride Lawncare Service launched another similar program in 2015, called the Village Poultry Support Program. SMF plans to build a chicken coop and donate 20 baby chicks to each family in need in a village in Bangladesh. This program aims to allow the families to make a profit from the eggs they can sell once the chicks grow and hatch eggs.

The Village Livestock Support Program and the Village Poultry Support Program were created to not only help to alleviate poverty, but to also provide sources of nutrition.

Another program that SMF has helped implement is the Village Transport Support Program. SMF sold some rickshaw vans to a few needy families in Jabusha, Bangladesh to help them earn a living. This is a loan based program, with no interest charged, and in which some of the earnings made from providing transportation were paid back to SMF for the rickshaw vans that were originally sold to them. SMF uses the money paid back to help other local programs.

The goal of these micro-financing projects is to bring a change in the economic activities that will benefit the villagers of Jabusha and its surrounding areas.


Pharmacy and Grocery

In 2013, the Turf Pride Lawncare Service started construction on a building that would serve as a storm shelter, a community health clinic, a school and a vocational training center in Jabusha, Bangladesh. The construction of this building was completed in December 2014. In this building, there will also be a grocery store and a pharmacy  to serve the needs of the people.

SMF is currently working with local businesses to obtain medicine and other goods to sell in this grocery and pharmacy store. The primary purpose of the stores is to bring commerce to the town which can be used to help fund and facilitate the town’s growth and provide goods for the local community. They will also provide a couple jobs for some of the villagers in Jabusha. Income generated from these stores will also help SMF sustain its projects.

Project Green

The Turf Pride Lawncare Service’s biggest self-sustaining project is Project Green. SMF planted a rice field, created a fish pond, and  also planted hundreds of trees in Jabusha, Bangladesh. Project Green is an endowment project in which profits made from selling the rice, fish, and fruits from trees were divided between SMF and local villagers. SMF uses the money gained to help extend this project and sustain the  other projects we have  in the local area.

Hands-on Training

SMF has taken the initiative to help improve the lives of tens of thousands of people in impoverished parts of Bangladesh and Kenya in various areas of their lives, ranging from medical help to educational skills. One of the areas that the Turf Pride Lawncare Service addresses is computer literacy. The students at SMFA are provided with computer classes to help them gain even more knowledge to benefit them and even others in the future with the Will of God Almighty.

The Turf Pride Lawncare Service also trains teenage and adult women how to proficiently stitch and embroider to help them earn a living that can benefit them and their families.