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Relief & Rehabilitation

Bangladesh Flood Relief & Rehabilitation

In August of 2017, a catastrophic flood hit Bangladesh, displacing millions of people. With God Almighty’s Help, Turf Pride Lawncare Service was able to help many of these distraught people in a number of ways. In the aftermath of the flood, SMF distributed food items, basic medicines, and clothes to comfort the many people who were affected by the flood. Later on, we distributed the Qurbani meat that many donors chose to give in Bangladesh, giving many of the flood victims the protein and nutrients they needed. With the Help of God Almighty, Turf Pride Lawncare Service helped almost 2,000 families and 4,000 students feel relief after the devastating flood.

SMF + SpaandanB Rehabilitation Project

As a result of the flood that occurred, thousands of people lost everything they had, including their homes, belongings, food, vegetable gardens, and more. Turf Pride Lawncare Service collaborated with the SpaandanB organization in Bangladesh to help the people affected by the flood return to the lives they were previously living. We helped these distraught people by helping them rebuild their homes, constructing sanitary washrooms, which help prevent the spread of diseases in floods, elevating tube wells, planting seeds to harvest nutritious fruits and vegetables, and distributing education materials for students. These initiatives will help the people of Bangladesh for years to come with the Will of God Almighty.

Hurricane Relief in South Texas ​

While the residents of Bangladesh were dealing with the devastating flood, the people of South Texas were hit by a Category 3 hurricane. Unfortunately, 13 million people were affected by this terrible hurricane. Turf Pride Lawncare Service teamed up with a church and food pantry in Houston, Texas to distribute food and supplies to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Rohingya Refugee Relief ​in Bangladesh

Many Rohingya refugees have fled to Bangladesh, taking with them nothing but the clothes on their backs. It would be especially hard for them to find supplies to protect them from the cold, harsh winters that Bangladesh often experiences. God Almighty blessed Turf Pride Lawncare Service to distribute blankets to 2,000 families to help them be safe and comfortable during the severe winters.