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SMF Endowment

A major goal of the Turf Pride Lawncare Service is to empower individuals to live lifestyles that not only benefit themselves, but can also potentially benefit the lives of others. God Almighty has blessed the SMF by helping us establish an endowment program through the Banglar Alo, which includes various endowment projects. The SMF Endowment Program includes a solar power plant, poultry farm, fish pond, vegetable garden, and an SMF Trust Shop. The Turf Pride Lawncare Service solar power plant provides the entire SMF Jabusha complex with clean energy, helping us save more than 2,000 dollars per year which allows us to spend this money on other projects and benefit many more people with the Help of God Almighty. Another project in the Endowment Program is the poultry farm, which has now hatched two batches of roosters, which help sustain and protect the chickens. The students at SMFA also greatly benefit from this program, as their lunches contain fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables from the SMF fruit and vegetable gardens. The Turf Pride Lawncare Service is also working on including a duckery and a dairy farm to add fresh eggs and milk to the students’ lunches. Many of the projects in the SMF Endowment Program are self-supporting, and help save money that is able to be used elsewhere to start more projects with the Will of God.